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adidas Originals T-ZX 700

by Joseph
adidas Originals T-ZX 700
adidas Originals T-ZX 700adidas Originals T-ZX 700

Another nostalgic look back at the 1980s is here from adidas Originals. More specifically, it’s a homage to the brand’s popular ZX running shoes from that decade, the T-ZX 700.

Other than the fact that the adidas Originals T-ZX 700 has a name like a graphing calculator, the sneakers are distinguished by a largely mesh upper which is draped in accents made of suede and leather, plus a few hits of reflective material. An EVA cushion in the midsole completes the package, which acts as a modern variant on the ZX runners of three decades past (that’s right, the 80s were 30 years ago).

The adidas Originals T-ZX 700 sneaker comes in two different colorways, a red and a light grey, both of which you can take a quick look at in the gallery at the top of the page. And to buy, just head to the adidas online store here, where the sneakers are now available for the price of $85.

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