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adidas D Rose 3 “Nightmare” Sneakers

by Joseph


In the world of sneakers, inspiration can come from just about anywhere.  Whether it’s books, movies, television, video games or music, it’s all fair game. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that the latest pair of shoes from Derrick Rose and adidas’ D Rose 3 line takes its cues from the popular Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Decked out in purple, black, and white, the “Nightmare” sneakers are also emblazoned with 12-24-12 on the interior of the tongue, in keeping with the tradition of giving D Rose sneakers a hidden inscription. This one signifies the shoe’s official release date.  And in case you haven’t realized, that would be Christmas Eve, 2012, when you’ll be able to get a pair for $180 from select retailers.  Or you can pre-order a pair at the adidas’ online shop by clicking here.

Happy Hallowe… I mean, Merry Christmas!

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