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adidas adiZero Feather 2.0 for Tennis and Running

by Joseph

adidas Feather running shoes

In the world of tennis and running shoes, lightness is everything because lightness means more speed. That’s the idea behind the adidas adiZero Feather line, which is now available in an upgraded 2.0 version.

How light is the Feather? Just 6.7 ounces, which makes it impressively light, even by the standards of high tech sneakers.

Adidas is offering two versions of the shoes.  One version is made specifically for running, and comes in three colorways: Blue, red and white; black, red and white; and grey, yellow and white.  The other version of the adiZero Feather 2.0 is made specifically for tennis players, and comes in four different colorways: Red and black; white and dark blue; black and white; and blue, green and yellow (featured in the above image).

You can grab yourself a pair of the adidas adiZero Feather 2.0 running shoes at adidas’ website for $115.  And you can also grab a pair of the tennis shoes at their website for $130.

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