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Adamantini: The Indestructible Martini Glass

by Joseph


Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you wonder if the product or the name came first. The Adamantini from Wolfram Manufacturing is one of those, since its name is such a great play on words.  But luckily there are probably a few uses for a completely indestructible martini glass too.

The Adamantini isn’t actually made out of Adamantium—the unbreakable and fictional metal that forms Wolverine’s claws and Captain America’s shield in the Marvel Universe—but it’s certainly sturdy, with a low center of gravity and machined from a 25-pound billet of stainless steel.  So it’s probably as unbreakable as you’re likely to need it, short of the Incredible Hulk coming over for cocktails.

You can purchase the Adamantini from the Wolfram online store here, where it’s priced at a buck shy of $200.

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