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Actual Lexus Hoverboard Demonstration Finally Released (Video)

by Joseph
Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus Hoverboard

I’m not sure why the people at Lexus thought that an actual working hoverboard required weeks and weeks of anticipatory promotional buildup before being revealed in full, but they did, and we’ve had to wait until now to see the thing in actual action – but I have to say, despite the fact that this would have probably made an even bigger splash had it been revealed as a total surprise, the Lexus Hoverboard is pretty darn impressive.

The video showing the Lexus Hoverboard, aka SLIDE, in action starts by showing the team of people there to test it not quite getting the hang of it, falling off almost immediately. But once they master it, they’re able to do incredible things, and even if they aren’t available for purchase yet, it’s still cool to know we’re officially living in the future.

You can watch the Lexus Hoverboard SLIDE demo in the video below. For more, head over to Lexus’ designated online space for their SLIDE Hoverboard here.

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