Home Entertainment ActiWait: Pedestrians in German City Can Play ‘Pong’ at Crosswalks (Video)

ActiWait: Pedestrians in German City Can Play ‘Pong’ at Crosswalks (Video)

by Joseph


Officials in the city of Hildesheim, Germany were apparently ready to try anything in the field of novel solutions to the problem of jaywalking. And so they are now the first city in the world to adopt ActiWait, a system that lets people on opposite sides of a crosswalk play a touchscreen Pong variant against each other while they’re waiting for a “walk” signal.

ActiWait started its journey from student project to actual civic policy as STREETPONG, developed by Amelie Künzler, Sandro Angel, and Holger Michel. And it’s a great example of video games being used for the public good, the idea being that the game will discourage pedestrians from trying to beat the signal and strike out across the street on their own—and I hope it catches on in the United States.

You can see a video of ActiWait (back when it was still called STREETPONG) in action below. And for now, you have to cross a street in Hildesheim in order to try it for yourself, but you can see a couple more videos at the HAWK Hildesheim Vimeo account here.

Here’s the video:


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