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Acorns: An App For Encouraging Better Money Habits

by Joseph


Unless you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, you probably wish you were better at saving money. If you think it would be easier to save if you didn’t consciously realize you were saving, Acorns just might be the app for you.

Acorns works by syncing up with your debit card.¬†Whenever you make a purchase, it rounds up to the nearest dollar, and deposits the remaining change into an investment portfolio that matches your specifications. It’s similar to a service that used to be offered by several banks (and probably still is) on debit card purchases, but the investment angle means you could actually profit from using Acorns, instead of just saving.

There are some fees associated with Acorns, but no commissions on investments, so if you have a good chunk of money to start with, it might be an especially good and painless way to put it to work. It’s available for iPhone and Android smartphones, and for more information just take a look at Acorns’ website here.

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