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Ac2ated Speakerless Audio Demonstrated by Sound Continental (Video)

by Joseph
Ac2ated Speakerless Audio

Ac2ated Speakerless Audio

As of right now, the only way to get speakerless car audio inside your vehicle is to hire an a capella group, which is not only prohibitively expensive but also extremely annoying if they start getting involved in interpersonal conflicts while you’re trying to drive. Sound Continental has a more efficient version of this technology, with something they call Ac2ated speakerless audio.

Ac2ated speakerless audio reportedly uses actuators that send soundwaves through vibrations built into the interior of the car, for a sound system that’s lightweight and allows for more space inside the car for other things instead of speakers. I can’t comment on the sound quality, though, although if I had to guess, being surrounded by vibrating actuators probably produces a decent bass thump.

You can see Sound Continental’s Ac2ated speakerless audio, which will hopefully get a sleeker brand name by the time it goes to market, in the video below.

Here’s the video:

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