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ABQ Bar: ‘Breaking Bad’ Pop-Up Bar Coming to NYC

by Joseph


I kind of thought the time for this sort of thing had passed, but it appears that the proprietors of ABQ Bar, a pop-up bar inspired by Breaking Bad and coming to New York City this summer, have taken their time in getting the details of their project exactly right.

ABQ Bar uses an actual re-purposed RV to simulate the mobile lab used by Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad, and visitors can enjoy chemistry-inspired cocktails like the Blue Flynn and the C2H6 – appropriately enough, guests will also have the chance to mix (or should I say “cook”?) their own drinks.

The ABQ Bar’s stop in NYC won’t be its first, having already made appearances in Paris and London, apparently on a gradual trip to its New Mexico birthplace. Tickets will cost between $45 and $49, and you can get more information and sign up to get your own tickets at the installation’s official site right here.

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