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Refined Guy is all about Style and Lifestyle. Not only do we cover the news—we often break it, too. You’ll find (almost) everything you’ll need to stay up to date about the Lifestyle.


With a dedicated team focused on the progression of fashion through visual inspirations and the provision of knowledge. Spanning a comprehensive range of both styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from established to well-known, the Refined Guy’s editorial team has sought to make a positive contribution to one of culture’s most important creative mediums.


Refined Guy’s daily news section has become an important destination for those interested in the latest developments within the fashion community as well as other aspects of culturally-relevant content such as art, music, design and lifestyle.



Jamie D – Lead Editor


Jamie has a degree in English and has also done work for The Washington Post.  He is also the Editor in Cheif at www.totalprosports.com


  • Organization of thoughts and ideas: The writer is the person most intimately connected with the content so it is the writer’s duty to produce and present an organized vision for the output.
  • Identifying key messages: Based on intimate knowledge of content and audience, the writer must consider the key messages of the content. Communication of key messages should drive the writing process.
  • Execution: Under the guidance of the editor, the organization’s style manual and other resources, the writer produces text to express key messages and deliver new intellectual capital into the world’s body of knowledge.


Joeseph Z – Writer


Joseph is the lead writer for refinedguy.com and has a degree in English from USC.  Joseph creates and identifies content to write on for Refinedguy.com he also contributes for totalprosports.com on a weekly basis.



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