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Abbott Scents: Fragrances Inspired by Outdoor Adventures

by Joseph


The great fragrancesmith Cosmo Kramer is well-known today for inventing a cologne that smelled like the beach. Now, a new fragrance brand is expanding on and refining Kramer’s work with a line of fragrances each inspired by a different outdoor adventure locale. It’s Abbott, which specializes in stimulating unique olfactory sense-memories linked to some of the world’s most famous places.

The four fragrances that make up the introductory four Abbott scents are Telluride, with amber and tonka bean, The Cape, made up of the subtle scents of patchouli, sandalwood and moss, Sequoia, the smokiest of the four, and Mojave, rich in citrus and various spices. The fragrances are the work of master scent-makers, although regrettably Mr. Kramer was evidently not available for this particular gig.

You can shop all of Abbott’s wares at the brand’s online store here, where you can get a sampler of all four fragrances for just five dollars.

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