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‘A World Without Light Pollution’ (Video)

by Joseph
A World Without Light Pollution

A World Without Light Pollution

In 2015, we have an awful lot of pollution to worry about, chief among them stuff like carbon dioxide getting pumped into the atmosphere and slowly killing us all. But there’s another form of pollution that might not be fatal, but still pretty depressing anyway, as illustrated in a new video entitled A World Without Light Pollution.

A World Without Light Pollution shows exactly what we’re missing when we look up at the night sky in a modern city, by taking shots of the sky in relatively unpolluted Tasmania and layering it over some of the brightest and most famous skylines in the world. The effect is incredible, and tough to shake the next time you find yourself looking up.

You can watch A World Without Light Pollution below. And for more from David Oliver Lennon, the artist who put it together, take a look at his YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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