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‘A Tiny Game of Pong’ for Apple Watch

by Joseph
A Tiny Game of Pong

A Tiny Game of Pong

Pong is a classic video game that almost everyone knows by name, but I’m not sure if anyone other than diehards actually play it anymore. That may change now that A Tiny Game of Pong exists, at least among Apple Watch users.

A Tiny Game of Pong, like you can probably guess from the name itself, reduces the TV screen-sized Pong field of play down to a smaller size that can accommodate the minute (lot of good synonyms for “small,” aren’t there?) screen of the Apple Watch. Arcade mode, play-off mode, and synchronization with the Game Center social playing network make it a lot more advanced than the old-school Pong, but the classic appeal remains as vital as ever.

If you’re both an Apple Watch user and someone with a lot of extra time on your hands, you can check out A Tiny Game of Pong at the game’s official site here, where it can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

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