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‘A Skater’s Tour of Barcelona’ (Video)

by Joseph
A Skater's Tour of Barcelona

A Skater's Tour of Barcelona

It’s common sense that habitual skaters see cities differently than everybody else does, since they’re imagining the skateboarding possibilities of every surface and corner.  So taking a “skater’s tour” of a city would be a good way to see it in a new way. That would appear to be the premise of A Skater’s Tour of Barcelona, a new Vice Sports video feature starring Paul Rodriguez, Cody McEntire, and Matt Miller.

A Skater’s Tour of Barcelona is the work of famous skate video auteur (and sometime Barcelona resident) Thomas Winkle, who gives viewers a personalized tour of the city that includes its skate-famous MACBA museum and even his neighbor and landlord.

All this in less then seven minutes and 45 seconds, so if you have that much time to spare you can watch A Skater’s Tour of Barcelona below. And for more cool stuff from Vice Sports, head over to its official YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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