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A.1. Meat Scents: Meat-Scented Candles

by Joseph
A.1. Meat Scents

A.1. Meat Scents

The phrase “meat candle” makes me think of some lost William Burroughs novel, but actually it’s something slightly less disturbing: A line of meat-scented candles from A.1. Steak Sauce. They’re called A.1. Meat Scents, and the only bad news is that as of this writing they appear to be all sold out. As per the A.1. sauciers:

“Imagine coming home to a nice, juicy, hearty dinner with the sweet and tangy taste of A.1. sauce. It smells like that.

Like the best meal you’ve ever had drizzled in A.1. sauce.

We’re sorry your mouth is watering.”

Not too sorry, I imagine. There are three A.1. Meat Scents under the brand: The Original Meat Candle, the Backyard BBQ Candle, and the Classic Burger Candle, and hopefully they’ll make a comeback before summer is up.

You can get more info on A.1. Meat Scents, and keep an eye out for a future restock, at the official A.1. site right here.

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