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A.1. Halloween Whopper: Black-Bunned Burger Coming to America

by Joseph
A.1. Halloween Whopper

A.1. Halloween Whopper

Much like Godzilla before it, Burger King‘s inexplicable black buns are coming to the United States after having laid waste to Japan. It’s the A.1. Halloween Whopper, a (hopefully) limited-time stateside offering from Burger King.

If you like A.1. Steak Sauce (actually, it’s just A.1. Sauce now, but I’m a classicist at heart), the A.1. Halloween Whopper might be worth trying even if you’re kind of freaked out by such blatantly artificial bread coloring. That’s because A.1. flavor has been baked in—that’s right, baked right in—to those haunting black hamburger buns, in addition to drizzled over the usual Whopper ingredients. Buy a dozen and pass them out to trick-or-treaters at your house this Halloween (do not actually do this)!

You’ll have to check with your local BK to see if the A.1. Halloween Whopper is available in your area, but you can get some more info on the sandwich at Burger King’s official site here. Happy Halloween.

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