Home Tech & Gear $9000 for an iPhone with Steve Jobs’ Turtleneck… Yikes

$9000 for an iPhone with Steve Jobs’ Turtleneck… Yikes

by Kevin Nardone

I’m rarely one to ‘yuck someone’s yum.’ Particularly when it comes to how they spend their money. No one likes a pocket watcher.

But every man has his limit—and spending $8,910 on the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold’ better known as the iPhone with a tiny patch of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck embedded into the case of the phone is mine.

Yes. They put a piece of the dead guy’s sweater in your new phone that cost more than the down payment on a new car.

Anyone who likes a brand enough to buy this abomination needs to be put on some sort of watch list. I mean, anyone who saw that Elizabeth Holmes woman running wild in her want-to-be-Steve-Jobs-turtleneck, during that HBO documentary knows those people can’t be trusted.

Even if there were only 10 of these made—buying one makes you complicit in this madness. Don’t deign a ‘pat on the back’ to whatever psycho got this idea approved.

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