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9 Ways to Make this Weekend’s Barbecue Healthier

by Esteban
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Well, Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and that means you’ll probably be barbecuing or attending a barbecue for the fist time this year. (Unless you live in Canada or some other English-speaking country, in which case it’s just another weekend…sorry.) Unfortunately, the arrival of barbecue season also means most people will soon be stuffing their bellies with extremely fatty, artery-clogging food on a weekly basis.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are options for guys who want to partake in the ancient manly art of barbecue without sending themselves to an early grave. And today we present to you a few of those options.

We won’t cover every option—like grilled salmon or tofu burgers—because frankly some of those options suck. We will, however, provide you with a few tricks and tips to help you make some of the stuff you love a little bit better for you.

Ready to start? Great. Let’s get on it.

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