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9 Survival/Bomb Shelters You Can Actually Buy

by Esteban

If the Mayans are right, we’re going to have a very bad December. Luckily, the Mayans are probably wrong. But just because some ancient calendar can’t pinpoint the end of the world doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. From earthquakes to hurricanes to Madonna’s arms, signs of the end times are all around us. And as science fiction has taught us, if nuclear weapons don’t get us, the nanobots probably will. It’s best to be prepared. Luckily, prepping for the Apocalypse has never been easier, and a market for pre-made survival shelters has already emerged. Just pick the one that suits you best, plop down the cash, and you can have most of these bad boys delivered right to your door. And if your neighbors ask, just say it’s a septic tank.

Here are nine survival/bomb shelters you can actually buy.

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