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9 Ridiculously Expensive Pairs Of Men’s “Luxury” Underwear

by Joseph
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9 Riduclously Expensive Pairs Of Mens Luxury Underwear 2

How much did you pay for the underwear you’re wearing right now? $5? $10? Do you even know? Well you may or may not be aware of the new trend of luxury underwear, where brands are charging anywhere from thirty, to forty, all the way up to a hundred dollars for a single pair!

Just what do you get for that kind of money? All kinds of cutting-edge underwear technology, for one. Of course, as with anything, a lot of people think the whole thing is just nonsense. But I don’t imagine people would spend $100 on a pair of underwear for nothing – or would they? Here are nine of the most expensive brands out there, so maybe you can decide for yourself.

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