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9 Most Expensive iPhones

by AnthonyP

A garden-variety iPhone will cost you a few hundred dollars, but for some people that isn’t enough. They need a taste of the finer things in life, and for them, only the most expensive iPhones will do. For these discriminating buyers, a luxury iPhone serves two distinct purposes: It’s an undeniable status symbol, showing the owner’s wealth and privilege in crystal clear detail, and as a bonus, you can play Angry Birds on it. They range in from under $20,000 to nearly $9.5 million, priced for everyone from the ridiculously wealthy to the obscenely wealthy. And since most or all of them are decked out with the finest in diamonds and other precious jewels and metals, they retain most of their value even if the phone stops working. Don’t think of it as just buying an iPhone, think of it as an investment! Here are nine of the most expensive iPhones ever produced.

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