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The 9 Best ‘Barcades’ in America

by Joseph

best barcades in america

As far as “inspired combinations” go, it’s tough to do much better than pairing up classic video games and alcohol. That’s the principle behind the Barcade, a business that was started in Brooklyn in 2004 by brothers Kevin Beard and Scott Beard, Pete Langway, and Paul Kermizian—a business that has since inspired a bunch of imitators across the country.

This list seeks to narrow down nine of the coolest Barcades in the United States. And don’t worry if you’re sad because none of the places listed here are near where you live, because this is a trend that’s definitely on the upward swing. So even if there’s not anything good in the way of combination bar/arcades in your town, there very well may be soon.


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