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’88 Miles Per Hour’: All the Vehicles of ‘Back to the Future’ in One Poster

by Joseph
88 Miles Per Hour thumb

88 Miles Per Hour thumb

We still have another 10 months of 2015 left to go, which means that the tide of Back to the Future related ephemera isn’t going to stop any time soon. This one is actually pretty cool though – it’s a poster from illustrator Scott Park, who specializes in pop-culture-obsessed posters, featuring every single mode of conveyance from all three Back to the Future films. It’s called, of course, 88 Miles Per Hour.

88 Miles Per Hour doesn’t stop at the iconic DeLorean time machine, or even at Marty’s skateboard or hoverboard. Instead, it’s an exhaustive illustrative study of all the cars, trucks, vans, horses, and miscellaneous vehicles seen in Robert Zemeckis’ mega-popular film trilogy. Only a truly obsessive superfan would recognize them all, but they do look nice together and make a good, clean poster as a whole.

You can see if you agree by taking a look at 88 Miles Per Hour by Scott Park below. And to buy an $18 print for yourself, as well as to see more work from Park, head over to the Society6 online store here.

Here’s the poster:

88 Miles Per Hour

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