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8 Amazing Burgers From PornBurger (Photos)

by Joseph
The Bambi
The Full MountyThe Dirdy BirdyThe Underberg-ErMy Bloody ValentineThe BambiThe SlumberjackThe MermanMac Daddy

There are few greater pleasures on this planet than eating a good burger. But some people have a theory that looking at a good burger can come close to that, including Mathew Ramsey, the founder of PornBurger.me.

Matthew Ramsey is on a quest to “concoct, photograph, and devour” one unorthodox cheeseburger a week for one year, and he’s posting those photographs in mouth-watering detail on his PornBurger website. I suppose the idea is that, if you want to try “The Merman” or “The Slumberjack,” you can make it yourself.  But unless you possess a lot of self-discipline, at least a few of these photos might have you running to your closest Five Guys to settle for what they can give you right away.

You can check out some of the most interesting burgers from PornBurger in the gallery up at the top of the page. And to check out the website itself, just click here. It’s all SFW, technically, so enjoy.

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