Home Tech & Gear 8-Bit Camera Gun Prints Photos on Receipt Paper (Video)

8-Bit Camera Gun Prints Photos on Receipt Paper (Video)

by Joseph
8-bit camera gun

8-bit camera gun

Dmitry Morozov is an artist and musician living in Moscow, and his latest project is exactly the kind of useless-yet-cool invention that will drive people with a certain type of personality crazy with envy. It’s an 8-bit camera gun that instantly prints snapshots on receipt paper. Glorious!

Even cooler than its functionality is the fact that Morozov’s 8-bit camera gun was made from a Nintendo Game Boy, a thermal printer, a camera, and a couple other odds and ends. What use it could possible have in the real world is unknown, but once you see it in action I think you’ll agree that the world is a better place now that it exists.

You can do just that by watching the video below, demonstrating Dmitry Morozov’s new 8-bit camera gun. And for more information on this wonder of modern technology, just check it out on Vtol right here.

Here’s the video:

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