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60-Foot Diplodocus Skeleton Sold for Almost $800,000

by Joseph
Diplodocus Skeleton
Diplodocus SkeletonDiplodocus SkeletonDiplodocus SkeletonDiplodocus SkeletonDiplodocus Skeleton


Dinosaur skeletons are generally thought to be the province of museums, but a 60-foot diplodocus skeleton recently went up for sale to the highest bidder, courtesy of the family of palaeontologist Raimund Albersdoerfer.

The skeleton, nicknamed “Misty,” is one of only six diplodocus skeletons in the world, making its eventual price of almost $800,000 seem like a steal. The buyer of the skeleton has remained anonymous, but promises that Misty will be publicly exhibited somewhere in the world.

But before that happens, you’ll have to be content with the pictures of Misty, the 60-foot diplodocus skeleton, in the gallery at the top of this page.

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