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The $53 Million ‘Sunseeker 155’ Super Yacht

by Joseph
Sunseeker 155
Sunseeker 155Sunseeker 155Sunseeker 155Sunseeker 155Sunseeker 155Sunseeker 155

The latest elaborate super yacht to make headlines is the one recently purchased by Formula One owner and analyst Eddie Jordan, who earned his reputation as a high-roller by dropping around $55 million for the Sunseeker 155—a 155-foot yacht with, among other things, its own nightclub inside.

The Sunseeker 155 is reportedly close to being completed and delivered to owner Eddie Jordan, but Sunseeker unveiled the project in advance. That’s probably because, in addition to the overall impressive design of the yacht, it’s also the largest ever built by Sunseeker. When guests on board the Sunseeker 155 get sick of the night life, there’s also a “beach club” with panoramic views from the ship’s stern.

Eddie Jordan’s $55 million Sunseeker 155 super yacht has room for a lot of other cool features that will probably be publicized after delivery is completed. Until then, you can take a look at the pictures of the yacht in the gallery up top. It kind of makes you want to take up yachting as a hobby, doesn’t it?

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