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50 Totally Pimped Out Golf Carts

by Esteban

Golf is a great game. If you do it right, it’s one of the few sports that can calm the nerves and leave you feeling energized after a long week at work. And the key, of course, is not to take it too seriously. When you step out on the course, your only goal should be to enjoy some good cigars and unwind with your buddies. If you pay too much attention to your score then you’ll start having aneurisms every time you shoot a triple bogey, at which point you might as well be at the office.

Need an example of the attitude you should take toward golf? Then check out this list of 50 Totally Pimped Out Golf Carts. The dudes who own these things don’t care about the score. They care about being awesome and having a good time. Otherwise they wouldn’t have golf carts that look like sports cars or Hummers.

So have a look at these badass golf carts and remember: golf should be fun, or it’s not worth doing.

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