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50 Incredible Examples of Bottle Cap Art

by Esteban

We all know what happens to beer bottles when we’re done with them: they get recycled, or, if you live in one of those cool states, returned for a ยข10 refund. But have you ever wondered what happens to the caps?

Actually, they’re recycled, too. Or they can be recycled. However, most of you probably just throw them in the trash because you hate earth and the environment.

Well, if you’re looking to change your ways and dispose of your beer caps responsibly, there are two options. One would be to put them in an empty soup can and then, when it’s full, pinch the top together and throw the whole thing in recycling. The other? Bottle cap art.

Really, that’s a thing people do, and it’s awesome.

Want to see for yourself? Great, then here are 50 awesome examples. So happy clicking.

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