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50 Hilarious Vintage Cigarette Ads

by Esteban

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking these days—even those who still light up. But this didn’t used to be the case. Back in the day, it was thought that cigarettes gave you a cough, leave you with some throat irritation, make you smell bad, and stained your teeth; people didn’t know about the whole lung cancer and emphysema thing. And of course, that made for some absolutely hilarious cigarette endorsements and advertisements. Various brands were marketed as the “official cigarette” of just about anyone and anything—doctors, reporters, scientists, house wives, college kids, you name it—and a number of major celebrities gave their official endorsements of this or that cigarette.

Anyway, the other day I happened across an old issue of Life magazine on sale at a thrift shop and came across one of these old cigarette advertisements, which inspired me to do this list. Hopefully you’ll get as big a kick out of these ridiculous things as I did.

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