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50 Awesome Hip Hop Rides

by Esteban

awesome hip hop rides (cars)

Hip hop and cars go together like hamburgers and french fries…or rum and Coke. In fact, I’m pretty sure every hip hop video in the history of hip hop videos has featured at least one slick car, and most of them feature about five.

Of course, those pimped out cars (and yachts…and helicopters…and jets) in the music videos do not usually belong to the artists; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some pretty nice rides. So I decided that today’s list would take a look at some of these awesome hip hop rides. It’s certainly not a comprehensive list of all the amazing luxury automobiles and donks these guys own—that would be a list of about 2,000 or so—but it is a list of some of the more notable and/or interesting ones. So check it out—and curse yourself for going to college to study business administration instead of becoming a rapper.


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