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50 Awesome Alcohol Ads

by Esteban

With most products, half the battle when it comes to advertising is convincing people that they actually need the product. (I’m looking at you, Snuggie.) But with booze that’s not the case. Pretty much everybody already wants the stuff. The advertising companies just have to figure out how to make us choose one particular booze over the next. And with thousands of years of human craftsmanship resulting in thousands of varieties of beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs, this is no small task.

That’s why booze ads are the pinnacle of the advertising world. They have to channel all of their best talent and energy into it creating the perfect image for, say, a whiskey. If they don’t, you’ll just choose one of the other 17 whiskeys available at your local liquor store. And that makes for some memorable and very awesome alcohol ads.

Did I whet your whistle? Alright then. Here are 50 of said awesome alcohol ads. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pour myself a double scotch, neat.

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