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4th Dimension Watch Tells Time and Space

by Joseph
4th Dimension Watch

4th Dimension Watch

New from MollaSpace is a watch that incorporates not just time, but space as well into its design. It’s the 4th Dimension Watch, with a design inspired by a spiral staircase.

The 4th Dimension Watch has a face divided into 12 different steps in a spiral formation, as seen in the photo above. The steps rotate counterclockwise to indicate the hours of the day passing – a cool way to indicate time that’s different from a typical watch, yet fundamentally connected to the way we’re used to thinking about time.

You can get a better idea of how the MollaSpace 4th Dimension Watch works by checking out the product’s listing over on Kickstarter right here, where it’s more than doubled its original fundraising goal with almost a month of fundraising left to go. You can also pre-order your own watch starting at $240, with shipments scheduled to begin in December of this year.

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