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45 Record Case by De Jong & Co.

by Joseph
45 Record Case

45 Record Case

Record storage isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to spend money on, which is why most of us make do with cheap shelving or that old standby, the cardboard box. But De Jong & Co. have designed a 45 Record Case that makes a pretty good argument for putting a high premium on where you keep your 7-inch record collection.

The De Jong & Co. 45 Record Case is crafted from the buyer’s choice of either walnut, maple, or oak. It was “built for the discerning disc jockey,” and boasts an included three wood 45 adapters, a central compartment for hidden storage, and two spaces for the records themselves.

If you’re a discerning disc jockey, or you just have enough 45s in your collection to justify a fancy case for them, you can drop $850 on the De Jong & Co. 45 Record Case right here. While you’re there, you can also request customization options, should you desire.

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