Home Entertainment ’41x’: A Short Film About Lawn Mower Racing (Video)

’41x’: A Short Film About Lawn Mower Racing (Video)

by Joseph


The Winter Olympics are currently happening in Pyongyang, which means that people all over the world are entranced by sports they probably don’t give much thought to outside of the Olympics: The luge, speed skating, snowboarding, curling. But there’s another obscure sport, not yet recognized by either of the Olympic committees, that is just as fiercely competitive as any of them, and it’s the subject of a new short documentary called 41x.

The sport in question is lawn mower racing, and 41x lays the whole enterprise out for the discerning viewer in under six minutes. Unlike most sports, lawn mower racing appears to be localized exclusively in one specific venue: The Avon Park Mower-Plex in Avon Park, Florida (what, you assumed this would take place in any other state?). Check it out for yourself below:

For more info, you can head over to the official site for 41x right here.

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