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$4 Million Florida Treasure Discovered Off Vero Beach Coast

by Joseph
Florida Treasure

Florida Treasure

Buried treasure from the age of pirates has been discovered approximately eight million times as often in fiction than in real life, but every once in a while some gold doubloons surface here in our reality. That’s what happened to Brent Brisben, captain of the S/V Capitana, who discovered a Florida treasure valued at about $4.5 million off the coast of Vero Beach.

Brisben isn’t just some dude who happened to stumble across some buried treasure, as appealing as that narrative might be. Brisben is CEO of 1715 Fleet — Queens Jewels LLC, which has exclusive rights to any treasure on board the 1715 Fleet shipwreck – and go figure, he regularly goes on explorations hoping to salvage treasure from the wreck. But this was a particularly lucrative find for Brisben, including nine coins made specifically for King of Spain Phillip V in the early 18th century – and these so-called “Royals” are worth about three hundred grand a piece.

You can read more about this incredibly valuable Florida treasure find at USA Today right here.

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