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3M Brand Machine (Video)

by Joseph
3M Brand Machine

3M Brand Machine

New from 3M is a very cool Rube Goldberg-esque device demonstrating the brand’s mastery of physical science in an extremely entertaining way. It’s the 3M Brand Machine, and it will probably make you feel vaguely guilty about how little imagination you put into your use of Post-it notes.

It would be pointless to try and describe what the 3M Brand Machine does, but I will say that it’s one of the most spectacular machines of its type I’ve ever seen, and the fact that it’s made largely from 3M products makes the whole thing even more impressive. It’s also cool to know that stuff like this is still being built even in today’s CGI-infested world.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at the 3M Brand Machine in the video below. And given how hard they clearly worked on the machine, the least you could do would be to head over to the official 3M site here and take a look around.

Here’s the video:

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