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370-Inch 4K Zeus Ultra HDTV by Titan Screens

by Joseph
Titan Zeus

Titan Zeus

The Titan Screens website uses a visual device in order to explain the size of their massive televisions. It’s a picture of a man standing in front of the TV for scale, so the viewer can get an idea of how big the TV is. But for the new Titan Zeus, a man doesn’t really do the trick, so they used an elephant.

The Titan Zeus is a whopping 370 inches, and sports 4K “ultra HD” resolution. And even though it’s currently the biggest member of the Titan Screens fleet, the company is said to be in the business of bigger and bigger screens—provided their clients can pay the price.

In the case of the Titan Zeus, that price is $1.7 million. Part of the reason that it’s so expensive is that Titan Screens is only making four of the giant TVs. For more information, check out Titan Screens’ website here.

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