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360-Degree Tornado Video Released Online (Video)

by Joseph
360-Degree Tornado Video

360-Degree Tornado Video

Most 360-degree videos are the product of some brand trying to get in on the latest trend, and are thus art-directed and controlled in the usual manner. Barring that, they’re capturing sporting events, which are also more or less under the filmmaker’s control, at least from a televisual standpoint. But a recent 360-degree tornado video takes the interactive virtual reality form to a new, uncontrolled place.

The 360-degree tornado video, titled (appropriately) Insane 360 video of close-range tornado near Wray, CO yesterday was uploaded to YouTube on May 8th, which would make “yesterday” May 7th, when the Midwest was getting pounded by various forms of inclement weather. And the video would be exciting enough under normal conditions, but the interactive component just makes it all the more unbelievable.

But believe it you shall, by watching the 360-degree tornado video for yourself below. Just remember: if ever you find yourself in the vicinity of a tornado, don’t do what these guys did, just get as far away as you can.

Here’s the video:

For more cool weather-related videos where that came from, check out the AccuWeather YouTube channel here.

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