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35 Controversial Fashion Ads

by Esteban
18 suit supply ads banned from facebook - controverisal fashion ads

controversial fashion ads

Recently fashion label Kenneth Cole has been taking some heat for controversial tweets that make light of serious and sometimes tragic world events in order to announce new clothing lines. It all started with a tweet about the uprisings in Cairo a few years ago, and recently the label stirred things up again by making a reference to the debate over whether or not to take military action against Syria.

Of course, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that a fashion label would purposely court controversy on social media in order to gain publicity. The fashion industry has been doing it for years in print and television ads. Frankly, it’s kind of surprising that it took someone this long to do it on Twitter—and also surprising that no one else has jumped on the bandwagon yet.

However, in case you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you with today’s list, which features 35 controversial fashion advertisements. Take a look at them, then try to tell me Kenneth Cole is somehow worse that the rest of the industry.

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