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30 Crazy Looks from Miami Fashion Swim Week

by Esteban

crazy looks from miami fashion swim week 2013

Pretty much every major world city is a major center of fashion, and consequently pretty much all of them have “fashion weeks”—i.e., entire weeks in which designers, celebs, and paparazzi flock there for dozens of runway shows. Are they interesting? Sometimes. But mostly they’re all pretty much the same.

However, there’s one fashion week that definitely stands out from the rest, and it just so happens that it wrapped up this past Monday: Miami Fashion Swim Week. That’s right. Miami beach, gorgeous models, bikinis. One whole week.

So what looks made a splash at Miami Fashion Swim Week 2013? Well, there were plenty of great-looking collections unveiled, but we’re not going to talk about those. We’re going to look at the weird and crazy stuff that nobody in their right mind would ever actually wear to the beach.

Sound good? Okay, then lets see what we got…

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