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30 Breakfast Cereals Based On Movies & TV Shows

by Esteban

Ah, good old-fashioned cross-promotional marketing. If there’s a better way to make money off making kids fat and lazy, I don’t know what it is. And probably the most awesome example of cross-promotional marketing in the history of awesomeness is the TV- or movie-themed breakfast cereal. I mean, they take something that’s already ridiculous—like crunchy candy that people actually think constitutes real breakfast food—and use it to sell mindless entertainment…during which they’ll try to sell you even more stuff that’s bad for you, like soda or Disney crap.

No, if marketing is an art form, then TV and movie themed breakfast cereals are the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, and the Thinker rolled into one. And today we honor these masterpieces with this list of 30 ridiculous cereals based on television shows or movies. They span the last 40 years, more or less, so no matter how old you are you’re sure to see one or two that bring back memories.


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