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30 Badass BBQ Grills

by Esteban

There are a lot of men who would say they hate to cook, but love to barbecue. Of course, barbecuing is cooking, it’s just that, because it’s done outside, and because the smell of meat and smoke have a pharmacological affect on a man’s brain (much like cat nip on a cat), he doesn’t perceive it as cooking. Instead, we men perceive it (either tacitly or explicitly) as this primal ritual, and becoming the grillmaster of one’s home is like a right of passage.

So yeah, dudes love BBQ. And since we just celebrated Father’s Day over the weekend—when there are probably more BBQ grills and accessories sold than any other time of year—I thought this would be a perfect time to put together a list of really amazing, unique, and badass BBQ grills. Enjoy.

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