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30 Amazing Condom Commercials

by Esteban

The condom business is pretty unusual when you think about. A vast portion of the general public already knows they need what the they’re selling, so unlike the market for, say, cigarettes, you don’t have to make up reasons for using the product. But there are still a number of competitors in the prophylactic marketplace, so companies have to make commercials to convince people to buy their condoms.

The problem? You can’t really be specific on television, the medium that reaches the most consumers.

The solution? Creativity.

Yes, condom commercials are always among the most creative, hilarious, and quite often bizarre commercials you’ll ever see on television. Sometimes they’re filled with clever innuendo; sometimes they surprise you with their bluntness. Either way, they’re almost always awesome—at least, the 30 you’re about to see certainly are.


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