Home Money The Tupac Shakur Hologram Company Is Going Bankrupt (Video)

The Tupac Shakur Hologram Company Is Going Bankrupt (Video)

by Joseph


Several months ago, you probably read about the 2Pac “hologram” that performed at the Coachella music festival. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the two or three people who was hoping for more holograms of dead celebrities, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the company that made it happen is filing for bankruptcy.

The Digital Domain Media Group’s financial troubles were not a secret, so this news does not come as a surprise to people who pay attention to financial news.

The 2Pac hologram wasn’t the only project to come from DDMG.  They’ve also handled special effects for movies, and were said to be developing an Elvis Presley hologram. Rest in peace, Elvis hologram.

You can check out the original 2Pac hologram video below, and reminisce about the better times for DDMG.

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