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27 Spring Fashion Ideas for Guys

by Esteban
1 super the flat top sunglasses - men's spring fashion

mens srping fashion 2013

Winter wouldn’t go down without a fight, but it’s gone now and spring is finally here. That means it’s time to say goodbye to the heavy coats and thick sweaters and hello to a less cumbersome wardrobe. However, this also means that it’s time to head out to the stores and pick up a few new items to spruce up that lighter spring wardrobe. And if you find yourself not even knowing where to start this year, well, we’ve got your back. We know shopping isn’t every guy’s cup of tea, so we’ve put together this list of some awesome spring fashions that can serve as a kind of guide. They’re not really “must-have” items, but rather items that will demonstrate the basic trends and point the discerning gentleman in the right direction.

Ready to get inspired? Then let’s get to it.


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