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25 Stylish Gym Bags to Step Up Your Game

by Esteban

stylish men's gym bags (best gym bags for men)

A few weeks ago we gave you a helpful little list of items every man should have in his gym bag. Today it’s time to tackle the bigger issue: your gym bag itself.

Guys, it’s time we stop using the free bags Sports Illustrated sends your dad every year when he renews his subscription. Yes, they do the job, but you look like a doofus walking around with that thing, and the ladies notice. Why not class things up a bit by spending a little bit of dough on a stylish gym bag?

Now, I’m not saying your gym bag has to be “an investment.” If you drive to work and just throw your bag in the trunk of your car anyway, that would be silly. However, if you live in a big urban area and walk from the gym to the office, a more expensive bag might be worth it.

Regardless of which position you find yourself if, however, this list has some suggestions for you. So take a look and consider elevating your game. It’s time.


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