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25 Most Expensive Homes In The World

by Esteban

Everyone plays the “what would you do if you have 300 million dollars” game every once in a while—usually when the media is making a big deal about a huge Powerball jackpot—and no one ever seems to give sensible answers, like “invest in mutual funds” or “set up a trusteeship that will take care of my loved ones after I’m gone.” And why should we give practical answers? We’re talking about what we’d do with an ungodly fortune—a sum of money 99.9% of us (hey look at that, I’m political!) will never have. So yeah, blow that hypothetical cash on yachts, supercars,or  expensive cigars. Better yet, by an insanely expensive house with your pretend fortune—no! Buy two. In fact, here’s a list of ones you might consider: the 25 most expensive houses in the world (give or take a market fluctuation here and there).

Happy daydreaming.

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