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25 Dirty Beer Names

by Esteban

dirty beer names

The recent boom in the craft brewing industry has been good in more ways than one. Not only do we now have a large array of flavorful beers to choose from almost anywhere we go; we also get beers with more interesting labels and some pretty creative names.

Of course, since even the craft brewing industry seems to be geared toward the male consumer, some of these more “creative” beer names are actually quite dirty. (Guys will be guys?) And these names are the subject of our list today.

Now, if you find yourself reading though these beers and wondering what makes some of them so dirty, well, good for you. That means you’re not a pervert, and I certainly won’t be the one to corrupt you. That’s what Wikipedia is for.

So, ready to get started? Great. Up first we have a beer name inspire by the film Anchor Man…so you know it’s good.


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