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’24 Hours to Live’: Ethan Hawke’s Battery is Dying (Trailer)

by Joseph
24 Hours to Live

24 Hours to Live

May we as a people never have to go more than a year between Ethan Hawke‘s high-concept, low-budget action movies, Amen. This year’s model is called 24 Hours to Live, and stars Hawke as an assassin with a problem: He’s been brought back to life after dying during a job, but only for 24 hours. And he has a lot to do in that 24 hours.

That includes, naturally, a lot of running, fighting, and wisecracking, all of which are covered in the new trailer for 24 Hours to Live. It’s essentially John Wick meets Crank, but with the addition of Ethan Hawke, which for me anyway is an upgrade. Here’s the trailer:

24 Hours to Live will reportedly have a release in select theaters as well as video on demand at the end of this year, dropping on December 1st following its premiere at the Austin Film Festival (where Ethan Hawke is worshiped as a god) next month.

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